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Lease To Own Condos Atlanta

HalosList Atlanta lease to own condosbuy a house with bad credit

The meaning of "lease to own" is a lease incorporated with the option to buy the condo for an agreed upon price between buyer and condo seller, within a specified period of time as dictated in the lease to own condos Atlanta agreement. Interest in lease to own option is a gateway to condo ownership when available down payment funds aren't sufficient enough or there is time in need to repair a poor credit rating. Depending upon negotiation and agreement, the period for a lease to own condo agreement can be 6 months to 18 months, for example. Usually the condo owner will prefer a shorter amount of time though. This will benefit the buyer because the buyer will then be out of a lease (rent) period and become condo owner much sooner, providing their monetary situation is good and they repaired their credit rating.

A sometimes issue in a lease to own condos Atlanta program, besides not having the down payment up-front, is challenged or poor credit due to a variety of situations: delinquent payments on a few accounts, late payments, collections, medical bills, bankruptcy, even not enough of a credit history to be considered viable. This snafu is eliminated through the HALO America program, which allows for their analysts and experts to go through your credit with you and find ways to make your credit substantially improved.

There are some questions answered about a lease to own condos Atlanta agreement, such as the responsibility of paying taxes and condo association fees (usually paid for by the seller); condo repair and maintenance (to be negotiated between buyer and seller), which applies to basically all condos in the US.

If you have interest in one day being a condo owner, and require assistance regarding your credit status, HalosList will help you with your lease to own condos Atlanta prospect, and you will find yourself a condo owner in no time.



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